I give my clients 200%

The first 100% is construction.

The other 100% is everything else.

Isaac Hirsch, President/CEO

Who we are

Isaac Hirsch was barely out of his teens when he purchased his first piece of real estate. “I bought it initially as an investment, but soon realized there was much more to owning property,” he remembers. “I learned everything I could about development, construction, financing, tax codes, municipal codes and landlord/tenant laws, and began to develop other properties. When friends and colleagues wanted to buy or build their own investment properties, they came to me for advice. And I knew that I could build a unique business.”

projectsToday JIH Builders Group LLC is responsible for over $100 million in construction projects in the New York metropolitan area, and President/CEO Hirsch remains a trusted expert in every aspect of the industry. “I have extensive first-hand experience in property management, and probably know more about real estate financing than most mortgage brokers,” he says. “The majority of contractors don’t know the ins-and-outs of development, and most developers don’t have a clear handle on construction. I love being on a project from the very first step, even before purchase. And then I stay involved from A to Z.”

testimonialsBut what Hirsch most proud of is his reputation for integrity. “I have partners, colleagues and clients that have consistently worked with me for over a decade,” he says. “In fact, I still work with with the same banker, attorney and contractors I used on that first building I bought.” Hirsch is also actively involved in non-profits throughout the community, including Chesed Volunteers of Williamsburg and as a founder of Congregation Beirach Moshe D’Satmar in Clinton Hill.

Through it all, JIH Builders has earned the trust of landlords, developers and investors seeking reliability, financial clarity, and top-to-bottom expertise. “Every project is different,” Hirsch says, “and I love the challenges that every new project brings. At the end of the day, my job is to give clients 200%. The first 100% is just construction. The other 100% is everything else I know.”