5-point difference

For more than a decade, JIH Builders has built their reputation by understanding the different and often complex needs of landlords, developers and investors. And we’ve solidified our status by being able to do the things that the competition can’t and often won’t.

We – and our clients – call this the JIH 5-Point Difference

Our core team brings decades of collective experience and expertise in consultation design, engineering, architecture, contracting, development, rehabbing and property management. From start to finish, we know it all because we’ve done it all. And our proud history of long-term relationships - built by years of hard work, integrity and client trust - proves that what we do it all like nobody else in the business.

Every project has its own personality and needs, and JIH understands them all: From zoning laws and tax savings to tenant/landlord laws and local and state construction code, JIH can analyze a project before it hits the drawing table to help their clients plan a long-term strategy for minimum stress and maximum rental/sales profitability.

‘Measure twice and cut once’ is never more true -- and crucial -- than when it comes to planning a construction project. JIH can put together a fully experienced, licensed and trusted team of experts – including architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, interior designers, rendering professionals, expediters, and more – to budget and schedule every aspect of the project, handle all paperwork, create contracts, avoid Department of Building audits, and save their clients time & money every step of the way.

Real numbers. Honest contracts. No surprise overages. JIH creates a secure and confidential account for every project, enabling clients to access their balance anytime, monitor costs check by check, and know that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Decision are made together to ensure that all parties are always on the same page. With our comprehensive monthly reports, you are aware of what is being spent when, where and with whom for a new level of open cost management that no other New York area builder is willing to offer.

From demolition to doorknobs, JIH refuses to cut corners. Our select teams of pre-approved, OSHA compliant sub-contractors shares their dedication to quality materials and workmanship, and are committed to completing a job on time and on budget. JIH also provides clients with regualr updates on every detail of the construction process from start-up to move-in.